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Are you looking for All Inclusive Vacations?

Vacation_Ocean_Sunset_With_Palm_Trees_Image_-_2014-01-24World Class Travel vacations, hotels, cruises and dream trips at 5 Star Destinations and Accommodations for 2 Star and 3 Star prices are made possible thru large bulk purchases. This is similar to what Costco and Sam’s Club does in the Retail Industry. Additional benefits may also include;
• Airline Accident Insurance
• No Service Fees
• Free Concierge Service
• Weekly Travel Deal Alert
• “Rateshrinker” Booking Technology
• Same Day 150% Price Pledge

More than 500 Worldwide Destinations each year may include, but not be limited to, as an example;
Athens Greece – A City worshipped by Gods and People alike.
Beautiful Barcelona – Celebrate the Spanish way with Sangrias and Tapas
Simply Singapore – Melting pot of vibrant cultures and global lifestyles
Magical Miami – Delivering the exotic nightlife of South Beach and the
energy of Little Havana
Las Vegas Nevada – City of swanky hotels and flamboyant restaurants

The Company providing access to these unique destinations is a World leader in the Travel Industry having recently received the Worlds Travel Awards designations for the following:
• 2013 World’s Leading Travel Club
• 2013 North America’s Leading Travel Agency
• 2012 World’s Leading Travel Booking Website

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• Take vacations when you want to NOT when they let you.
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Vacation - Spain